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Dirty DocJam Interview - August 2005


DIRTY DOCJAM Interview #1 with


It is very likely that there is not another being gracing the face of this planet that is even remotely similar to the man we musically refer to as THE DIRTY DOCJAM. He is truly a musical marvel and a distinctive individual who literally steps to the beat of his own drums. Both as a person and a musical marvel, he has the mind and ability that allows him to continuously transcend boundaries that normally restrict others from their full potential. In an age where most artists, rappers, and producers are carbon copies of one another, DIRTY DOCJAM stands as one of the last innovative and creative forces that many have yet to hear.  Recently conducted an interview with this future legend to help enlighten the blind to DIRTY DOCJAM’s existence. For those who don’t already know, who the hell are you?


DIRTY DOCJAM: I am The Sun of The Struggle. A young man who has been able to overcome a wide variety of obstacles, ranging from violence, to poverty, to just about anything you can think of. After surviving so many close calls on my very exsistence, there is no doubt in my mind, heart or soul that God has a plan for me beyond just music. Every step I take and move I make are guided by God. In regards to music though, I was recently described by the big homie DJ Wally Sparks as "The best producer you’ve never heard". I feel honored that such powerful words are spoken of my artistic merit, yet it also shows precisely how far I am from where I ultimately want to be within music. So with each Dirty DocJam composition and production, I am working relentlessly to eliminate the "you’ve never heard" from DJ Wally Sparks’ quote.

   So who are some of the people you have worked with?

DIRTY DOCJAM: Crime Mob, Trillville, Lil Scrappy, Big Manda, The Georgia Gurls, Just Da J, Mask Mafia, Top Shottaz, and an unofficial remix featuring Gangsta Boo, PB Memphis, Playa Fly, and Bun B. I have also produced tracks with Lil Jay (from Crime Mob) and Lil Jon. Recently I have been getting a lot more recognition as a producer, and more artists are seeking me out for my production, composition, and beat making services. The Dirty Docjam is about to redefine the word "classic" on a lot of these upcoming records.

 How long have you been producing?

DIRTY DOCJAM: I started making beats back in 1994 under the guidance of some of the older members of my neighborhood's set at the age of 11. Back then, we were really just tryna make some hard shit like what Snoop and Dre'nem was making. I used to beat box for everybody when the older niggas would get high and want to rap or whenever some New York ass niggas would want to start up a session at the park, so when niggas came up on the equipment, they made me be our version of Dre, while everybody else took on the more visable rapper roles. I became a young icon. Nobody had ever heard of a young mufucka doing beats like that, but I was doing it. I didn't make any money. I just did it to impress the og's and the girls. Back then I was just making beats, and over the years I continued to develop my craft and expand my mind. I began to consider myself a true producer around 1998 when I was able to successfully guide other artists all the way through the final stages of a song. The title "Producer" consists of much more than just making the beats. Whenever possible, I try to do it all. I compose, produce, write, arrange, mix, play instruments, and anything else that entails making a song. I model myself after the producers and composers of the 60’s and 70’s like Curtis Mayfield, Bobby Womack, and Barry White. They were involved in the whole process from beggining to end. Their music moves people's souls man. Despite all these technological advances, their music is far more compelling than most of what is being released today. Is there anyone one out there who you want work with?

DIRTY DOCJAM: In general, people with talent, strong work ethics and willingness to be produced. Specifically, Playa Fly, UGK (collectivelly and individually), Pastor Troy, Rick Ross, Trilltown Mafia, LL Cool J, Crime Mob, Diamond & Princess, Ice Cube, Scarface, Devin The Dude, Young Jeezy, Bohagon, Ali & Gipp, Paul Wall, Goodie Mob, Trina, P$C, Killer Mike, Gucci Mane, Mac Bre-Z, Bobby Creekwater, Common..Man it's just a lot of people. In due time we will make these classics What do you feel are the benefits of being in Atlanta?

DIRTY DOCJAM: My great city is flooded with talented young people with great aspirations. I just love seeing young people grinding it out in hopes of fulfilling their dreams and overcoming their struggles. The potential to take advantage of oppurtunities is what I love most. Their is nothing you can't do, if you hustle and grind to make it happen. Every person out here on their grind inspires me to work harder and do better. We are the present and the future. You understands me?




www.IAP-Tv.comSo What's the next thing we can expect from you?

DIRTY DOCJAM: Expect nothing. I am just going keep Grinding and making the records that God and my Struggle inspire within. I am going to try to help my comrades and peers take their crafts to the next level, and hopefully get out of the Trap. We are doing bad out here in these streets. All my friends who used to be 'trappers' are turing into the feens we used to serve. I can't fall victim to it. God has brought me too far. The Dirty Docjam is more than a movement....The Dirty Docjam is THE REVOLUTION....and if the cliche' stands, then I guess I won't be on BET or MTV anytime soon. But for all the true and real, if you want to experience what's going on with The Dirty Docjam, and The Revolution of The Almighty Shotgun Nation, I aint hard to find.

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